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US-4575535-A: Water-curable, silane modified alkylene-alkyl acrylate copolymers and a process for the production thereof patent, US-4714518-A: Dual layer encapsulation coating for III-V semiconductor compounds patent, US-5015747-A: Organometallic compounds patent, US-6376598-B1: Thermoplastic blend patent, US-3966531-A: Compositions containing silanes possessing imide groups patent, US-4102374-A: Jig and template apparatus and method for preparing a corner insert for a laminated plastic countertop patent, US-4522942-A: Phosphoramidothionates patent, US-4975314-A: Ceramic coating bonded to metal member patent, US-5346902-A: Fungicidal diazinyl dioxime patent, US-5861407-A: Tetrahydropyridine derivatives as dopamine receptor subtype ligands patent, US-6480771-B2: Apparatus for determining a failure of wheel speed sensors patent, US-3940523-A: Decorative multilayer object patent, US-4259401-A: Methods, apparatus, and compositions for storing heat for the heating and cooling of buildings patent, US-4278987-A: Junction isolated IC with thick EPI portion having sides at least 20 degrees from (110) orientations patent, US-4985064-A: Microsuspension process for preparing solvent core sequential polymer dispersion patent, US-5108733-A: Stabilized trinder reagent patent, US-5156842-A: Liquid suspension for oral administration patent, US-5415916-A: Ruffling tape and method of ruffling patent, US-5610254-A: Ethylene-α-olefin-nonconjugated polyene random copolymer, rubber composition, and process for preparing the random copolymer patent, US-5925674-A: Cycloalkylcarboxanilides patent, US-4933427-A: New heather yarns having pleasing aesthetics patent, US-4935501-A: Reactive dyes containing fluoro-chloro-pyrimidyl groups and vinylsulfonyl groups or the like patent, US-5169588-A: Solvent based plastics recycling process patent, US-5664243-A: Camera patent, US-5789405-A: Oxaspiro(2,5)octane derivative patent, US-6369447-B2: Plastic-packaged semiconductor device including a plurality of chips patent, US-6534622-B2: Process for production of polyimide powder, polyimide powder, polyimide powder molded bodies and process for their production patent, US-3823551-A: Solid state electronic timepiece patent, US-4377440-A: Process for manufacturing of formed products patent, US-4421580-A: Preparation of glass container for thermoplastic closure patent, US-4463169-A: Three component, carboxyl-containing compositions comprising dimercaptan patent, US-4608618-A: Digital alignment diagnostic disk patent, US-5281750-A: Chiral polymers for the production of excess enantiomers patent, US-5514287-A: Method and compositions for treating recirculating water systems patent, US-5745379-A: Method for the production and transmission of enhanced multimedia information patent, US-6158024-A: Method and apparatus for structured memory analysis of data processing systems and applications patent, US-6177323-B1: Method to form MOSFET with an elevated source/drain for PMOSFET patent, US-4400491-A: Copolyester carbonates and the admixture thereof with known polycarbonates to give thermoplastic moulding compositions patent, US-4643119-A: Industrial textile fabric patent, US-5989420-A: Porous ceramic filter, method of manufacturing the same, ceramic filter manufacturing extrusion molding die and extrusion molding apparatus using the die patent, US-6297261-B1: Substituted phenyl derivatives, their preparation and use patent, US-4009000-A: Process for the dyeing or printing and simultaneous finishing of cellulose materials patent, US-4753863-A: Laser markable molding compound patent, US-5055579-A: Heterocyclic compounds containing 4,6-bis-trichloromethyl-s-triazin-2-ly groups patent, US-5734720-A: System and method for providing digital communications between a head end and a set top terminal patent, US-5819115-A: Driver bundle including a compressed, self-extracting, executable driver for the host processor and an adapter driver for the processor of a network adapter card patent, US-6017597-A: Complex cell structure and method for producing the same patent, US-6582928-B1: Carbohydrate-directed cross-linking reagents patent, US-5217768-A: Adhesiveless susceptor films and packaging structures patent, US-6535158-B2: Kinematic analysis of conically scanned environmental properties patent, US-4684656-A: 1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-6-substituted-4-aryl-3-(substituted sulfonyl)-2-thioxo(or oxo)-5-pyrimidinecarboxylic acids and esters and method of using them to lower blood pressure patent, US-6616885-B2: Machinable positive image model material for shape deposition manufacturing patent, US-5409725-A: Methods for stabilizing proteins in an acid pH environment and related compositions patent, US-4959362-A: Pharmaceutical compositions containing certain ascorbic acid derivatives useful in the prophylaxis and treatment of disorders of the circulatory system patent, US-5827929-A: Functionalized initiators for anionic polymerization patent, US-6436931-B1: Cytotoxic agents comprising taxanes and their therapeutic use patent, US-6673725-B2: Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-4594335-A: Transition metal aluminates patent, US-5453505-A: N-heteroaromatic ion and iminium ion substituted cyanine dyes for use as fluorescence labels patent, US-6501444-B1: Plasma display panel capable of being easily driven and definitely displaying picture patent, US-5065212-A: Semiconductor device patent, US-5837085-A: Method of making a toothed belt with a reinforced fabric covering patent, US-4400293-A: Liquid crystalline cyclohexylphenyl derivatives patent, US-4940709-A: Piperazine compound as PAF-antagonist patent, US-5346730-A: Process for depositing a copper containing layer I patent, US-5472984-A: 1,2-ethanediol derivative and salt thereof and cerebral function-improving agent comprising the same patent, US-5024968-A: Removal of surface contaminants by irradiation from a high-energy source patent, US-4530924-A: Phthalocyanine compounds and anti-microbial use patent, US-6025442-A: Golf ball incorporating metallocene polymer blends patent, US-6214790-B1: Neo-tryptophan patent, US-6294270-B1: Electronic circuit device comprising an epoxy-modified aromatic vinyl-conjugated diene block copolymer patent, US-6042905-A: Decorative construction material and methods of its production patent, US-6384859-B1: Methods for creating an image for a three-dimensional display, for calculating depth information and for image processing using the depth information patent, US-4699877-A: Methods and compositions for detecting human tumors patent, US-5856153-A: Suicide genes and new associations of pyrimidine nucleobase and nucleoside analogs with new suicide genes for gene therapy of acquired diseases patent, US-4902615-A: Detection of human cancer cells with antibodies to human cancer nucleolar antigen p120 patent, US-5572341-A: Electro-optical dithering system using birefringence for optical displays and method patent, US-6605170-B2: Synthetic decorative grass simulating spanish moss and method for making same patent, US-6034930-A: Information storage medium and electronic device using the same for authentication purposes patent, US-6090839-A: Antidiabetic agents patent, US-6121278-A: Di-n-heterocyclic compounds, methods, and compositions for inhibiting parp activity patent, US-5137694-A: Industrial solid detergent dispenser and cleaning system patent, US-6008018-A: ELL2, a new member of an ELL family of RNA polymerase II elongation factors patent, US-6420003-B2: Acrylate composite barrier coating patent, US-4708753-A: Water-in-oil emulsions patent, US-6719681-B2: Methods for centrifugally separating mixed components of a fluid stream patent, US-6414222-B1: Gene combinations for herbicide tolerance in corn patent, US-6124455-A: Aryl or heteroaryl amides of tetrahydronaphthalene, chroman, thiochroman and 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline carboxylic acids, having an electron withdrawing substituent in the aromatic or heteroaromatic moiety, having retinoid-like biological activity patent, US-6677376-B1: Non-peptidic cyclophilin binding compounds and their use patent, US-3644114-A: Method for leaching reduced laterite ores patent, US-364801-A: Wagon-box lock patent, US-36584-A: Jseome b patent, US-3661973-A: Process for the preparation of adiponitrile from adipic acid and ammonia patent, US-366617-A: boland patent, US-367303-A: Traction-wheel patent, US-367955-A: braun patent, US-368763-A: Paul b patent, US-369008-A: Cork-holder patent, US-3705133-A: Polyester process patent, US-3711307-A: Drying oils patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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