Tensile, fireproof, flame-retardant and termite-resistant flexible cable



The utility model discloses a tensile, fireproof, flame-retardant and termite-resistant flexible cable. The cable comprises a plurality of conductors, and a composite fireproof layer, an insulating layer and a slip layer are successively wrapped outside each conductor, so that insulating cores are formed. Each composite fireproof layer successively comprises, from inside to outside, a first mica tape, a fireproof inorganic short fiber viscose glue layer and a taped layer. The insulating cores and the reinforced steel cores are intertwisted to form a cable core. A second mica tape is wrapped outside the cable core. An inner sheath, a nylon protective layer and an outer sheath are successively wrapped outside the second mica tape. A filling layer is arranged between the cable core and the second mica tape. The cable of the utility model has a simple structure, exhibits good tensile performance, is equipped with the composite fireproof layers and the second mica tape so as to be protected by two fireproof layers, is effectively promoted in terms of fireproof performance and is effectively prevented from being bitten by termites. Moreover, the insulating cores exhibit excellent slip performance among each other, so that the cable is convenient to bend, is not liable to deform and is prolonged in terms of the service life.




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