Rapid heating device for high-temperature Hopkinson pressure bar experiment



The utility model discloses a rapid heating device for high-temperature Hopkinson pressure bar experiment. The rapid heating device adopts the following technical scheme: a bearing trolley is arranged outside of a shielding cover; a high-frequency induction heater is arranged in the shielding cover; a ceramic sleeve is arranged at the centre of the heater; a test piece is arranged at the centre of the sleeve; the both ends of the test piece are connected with the inner ends of two short ceramic rods respectively; the outer ends of the two short ceramic rods are connected with one end of each of an incidence rod and a transmission rod respectively; and strain gauges are bonded on the incidence rod and the transmission rod respectively and used for realizing computer synchronous data processing. With the adoption of the rapid heating device, the defect of serious influence on the quality level, accuracy and the like of the Hopkinson pressure bar experiment due to that the test piece is independently heated, heating and impacting are performed in different positions, the quasi-static butt-joint and synchronization accuracy of the system are difficult to achieve requirements, and the device is complex in structure, cockamamie to operate, low in working efficiency and high in data processing difficulty are overcome; and the rapid heating device is suitable for the Hopkinson pressure bar experiments of various test rooms, and especially suitable for heating for a metal test piece in a Hopkinson pressure bar experiment device and instant data processing for the information of the strain gauges.




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