Coal tar separator


  • Inventors: ZHANG QINYING
  • Assignees: 张勤英
  • Publication Date: August 07, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-203112774-U


The utility model relates to a coal tar separator. The coal tar separator consists of a separation tank, an input pipeline, an output pipeline and a pollution discharge valve, wherein the other end of the input pipeline stretches into a tank body, and the stretching part makes a right-angle bend by 90 degrees towards the direction of the bottom of the tank body; and the other end of the output pipeline stretches into the tank body through an output pipeline connection hole and reaches the lower edge of a tank cover. Coal gas bringing coal tar and water enters the tank body from the waist of the tank body from an air source pipe through the input pipeline, is guided by an input pipeline port and is conveyed to the bottom of the tank body by the carried coal tar and water; and the coal gas, the coal tar and the water which enter the bottom of the tank body are automatically separated due to the rising of proportion of the coal tar, and when the coal gas rising from the bottom of the tank body still carries a small quantity of the coal tar and the water, the coal gas, the coal tar and the water are separated again by the downward stretching part of the output pipeline, and the coal gas entering a combustor through the separator is nearly pure.




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