Motor vehicle tail gas processor



The utility model discloses a motor vehicle tail gas processor. According to the motor vehicle tail gas processor, solid urea is added into the inside of a main body unit, when a controller detects that nitrogen oxides are contained in tail gas of a car, the controller controls the main body unit to work, namely a heating device carries out heating on the solid urea inside the main body unit to generate ammonia gas, the ammonia gas is output through an ammonia gas outlet, the ammonia gas enters a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) box body which is communicated with the ammonia gas outlet, the ammonia gas and the nitrogen oxides in the tail gas of the car undergo a redox reaction in a metal carrier in the SCR box body to form pollution-free nitrogen and pollution-free steam, and the tail gas is discharged through a gas outlet pipe at the other end of the SCR box body after being cleaned. According to the motor vehicle tail gas processor, due to the fact that the solid urea is adopted, the solid urea cannot be frozen at low temperature, and is convenient to store and carry, compared with liquid urea in the prior art, the storage amount of the solid urea in a urea pot is larger, and usage time is longer, and on the other hand due to the fact that the solid urea directly changes from a solid state to a gas state in a working process, a connecting pipe cannot be blocked.




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