Wireless mini keyboard



The utility model discloses a wireless mini keyboard which is in wireless communication connection with a computer host in an infrared mode. A touch panel is arranged on a body of the keyboard, an infrared remote-control function button is arranged on the body, and an ultraviolet ray emitter, a laser emitter and a white-light lamp are arranged in the body. The infrared remote-control function button comprises an ultraviolet ray control button, a white-light lamp control button, a laser control button, a page-up button and a page-down button. The wireless mini keyboard integrates keyboard input and touch panel input and uses a wireless method to transmit input information into the computer host to remove limits, on using environments, of a wired keyboard and a wired mouse. The wireless mini keyboard is further provided with a laser emitting lamp and a white-light lamp, so that the wireless mini keyboard can be combined with a projector to be used and can be conveniently used in occasions of audio-visual education, speech, academic conferences and the like. Furthermore, the keyboard is further provided with an ultraviolet ray emitting lamp so as to have the money checking function.




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