Repeater having desk lamp


  • Inventors: GAO MING
  • Assignees: 高明
  • Publication Date: August 07, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-203118250-U


The utility model relates to a repeater having a desk lamp. The repeater having the desk lamp comprises a repeater body, a lamp rod, a lamp cover, a loudspeaker and a display screen, wherein a top face of the repeater body is provided with the lamp rod, a top portion of the lamp rod is connected with the lamp cover, a right face of the lamp rod is provided with the loudspeaker, a right face of the lamp cover is provided with the display screen, the loudspeaker is a horn of the repeater, and the display screen is an electronic display screen and is used for displaying information of time and alarm clock. During use, the repeater having the desk lamp has functions of a repeater and the lamp and is convenient to use.




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