Cage culture atomizing immunizing machine



Disclosed is a cage culture atomizing immunizing machine. Wheels are arranged at the front of the lower portion of a machine frame and at the back of the lower portion of the machine frame, a medicine box, a diaphragm pump, and a diverter are installed on the machine frame, a lifting support is connected at the front end of the machine frame, a plurality of nozzles are installed on the lifting support, an inlet of the diaphragm pump is connected with a magnetic valve and the medicine box in series through a medicine transporting pipe, and an outlet of the diaphragm pump is respectively connected with the nozzles through the diverter and the medicine transporting pipe. The cage culture atomizing immunizing machine has the advantages that the special draw-bar-type design solves the complex problem of immunization of chickens which are cultured in a cage; optimum medicine effect is kept through atomizing medicine feeding quickly and evenly so that the purpose of comprehensive immunization is achieved; an artificial immunization method is replaced, so that labor intensity and labor cost are greatly reduced; the heights of the nozzles can be adjusted freely so that the cage culture atomizing immunizing machine can adapt different breeding environments and cage culture heights, and the chickens cultured in the cages of six floors on two sides can be atomized and immunized and fed with medicine; evenness of immunizing is good; the cage culture atomizing immunizing machine is suitable for various cage culture devices; a storage battery is used as a motive power source, application is flexible and convenient, and the cage culture atomizing immunizing machine is free of field limit.




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