Side-gripping-type table tennis bat


  • Inventors: WANG BIN
  • Assignees: 王斌
  • Publication Date: August 14, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-203123478-U


The utility model relates to a side-gripping-type table tennis bat which is made according to the principle of human engineering, physiological characteristics of the human body are fully considered, the back surface of the table tennis bat is designed to be an arc-shaped gripping handle, when the bat is gripped, the part between the thumb and the index finger is open, the thumb and the other four fingers are used for gripping the upper surface of the bat gripping handle from the lateral face, a 45-degree inclination is formed between the arm and the bat gripping handle, and therefore table tennis hitting range is increased, and table tennis hitting strength is improved by 20% due to the fact that the table tennis hitting force arm is lengthened. At the moment the bat gripping posture is natural and relaxing, the force degree of the bat is controlled reasonably by the hand gripping the bat, the front end of the bat points to the front naturally, various oncoming table tennis types from the opposite side is conveniently and rapidly hit back, and when a user generates force to hit a table tennis, the bat can also be firmly controlled in the hand. Due to the fact that the index finger, the middle finger and the little finger all can grip the upper surface of the arc-shaped gripping handle naturally and comfortably, the user can conveniently generate the force and also effectively control the bat to reduce sport damages on the wrist.




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