Breathable dust-reducing device on air cushion belt conveyor



The utility model discloses a breathable dust-reducing device on an air cushion belt conveyor. The breathable dust-reducing device comprises a base plate connected to a sealing cover arranged at the upper part of the air cushion belt conveyor through a screw, wherein a rain-proof cover is welded at the upper part of a ventilation pipe; the lower part of the ventilation pipe is welded with the base plate; grid plates are welded inside the ventilation pipe in a layering and staggered manner; threaded holes are formed in plate surfaces of each layer and are screwed by bolts; the diameter of each threaded hole is 3 mm; and the threaded holes are uniformly distributed in the grid plates with the row pitch of 30 mm. The breathable dust-reducing device adopts a lengthened ventilation pipe so as to increase the airflow process; the porous grid plates are arranged inside the ventilation pipe in a staggered manner to enable the airflow directions to be changed repeatedly in the flowing process, so as to reduce impact of high-speed airflow and to enable a fluid field of the air to be an eddying flow; and meanwhile raise dust gradually deposits during passing the porous grid plates, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing raising dust.




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