Cutter head of cutting machine



The utility model discloses a cutter head of a cutting machine. The cutter head comprises a cutter, a cutter working space, a cutter shaft hole and a limiter for fixing the cutter, wherein a scrap guide opening is formed in a position at which scraps in the cutter head can be discharged. The cutter head ensures that the scraps which are generated during rotary cutting of the cutter and are brought into the cutter head can enter the scrap guide opening. Because the scrap guide opening has enough space, the scrap guide opening cannot be blocked by the scraps, and the scraps can be discharged out of the cutter head through the scrap guide opening to ensure that the cutter working space cannot be blocked by the scrapes. Therefore, the cutter can be used for continuous cutting for a long time normally and cannot generate bad cutting, so that the quality of products can be ensured.




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