Energy-gathered energy conservation furnace


  • Inventors: HUANG YUANSHAN
  • Assignees: 黄元善
  • Publication Date: August 14, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-203131868-U


An energy-gathered energy conservation furnace comprises a furnace body, a waste heat kitchen hot water bowl and a heat storage water tank. The furnace body is composed of a multi-hole smoke exhaust hearth (13), a grid melter frame (10), a detachable water jacket smoke tube (11), a hearth lower tray (18), height adjustable furnace feet (17) and a grid melter lifting crank (12). The grid melter frame (10) is installed in the multi-hole smoke exhaust hearth (13), the grid melter lifting crank (12) penetrates through the multi-hole smoke exhaust hearth (13), and a gear (25) on the grid melter lifting crank (12) is meshed with teeth on a rack hole (22) of the cylindrical surface of the grid melter frame (10). The energy-gathered energy conservation furnace can adjust the position of a grid according to requirements so as to change the size of the hearth, and can be suitable for coal combustion and firework and honeycomb briquette combustion. The position of the grid melter frame can be changed through the grid melter lifting crank, so that barbecue requirements can be met. The energy-gathered energy conservation furnace can be used for cooking meals and dishes and supplying boiled water through waste heat, can be used for barbecuing, can use multiple energies and can have multiple functions on one furnace and is suitable for being used by people living the vast rural areas and urban areas.




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