HART modulator-demodulator



The application discloses a HART modulator-demodulator. The HART modulator-demodulator comprises a power supply circuit, a microprocessor, an HART modulation-demodulation circuit and a USB interface circuit, and is communicated with an upper computer via the USB interface circuit, so that the HART modulator-demodulator is communicated with a PC via a USB interface, enables the on-site HART intelligent devices to be repaired and maintained by utilizing the PC, in particular a notebook computer. Moreover, a processing flow of an anti-interference processing technology is added in the HART modulator-demodulator, so that the reliability of the HART modulator-demodulator is improved and the failure rate is reduced. In addition, the cost of a main chip of the HART modulator-demodulator is lower, so that the cost of the HART modulator-demodulator is lower.




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