Automatic edible mushroom harvesting machine



The utility model discloses an automatic edible mushroom harvesting machine comprising a bottle feeding shifting wheel, a main rotor, a bottle discharging shifting wheel and an edible mushroom collecting device, wherein the main rotor can rotate around the axis thereof and is provided with a bottle holder and a gripper. The bottle feeding shifting wheel is used for shifting a container planted with edible mushrooms to the bottle holder. The bottle holder is used for carrying the container with edible mushrooms to move up and down. The gripper is provided with a clamp, a clamping and unclamping mechanism and a torsion mechanism, wherein the clamping and unclamping mechanism is used for clamping or unclamping the clamp, and the torsion mechanism has the clamp torsionally move. By the main rotor, the bottle holder and movement of the gripper, edible mushrooms can be quickly and efficiently harvested, and strains harvested can be thoroughly separated and low in damage and complete. Besides, the integral operation environment is cleaner.




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