• Inventors: TIAN YUERAN
  • Assignees: 田月然
  • Publication Date: August 21, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-203137707-U


The utility model discloses a mattress which belongs to the technical field of furniture and is mainly used for solving the problem that an existing bed is not suitable for relieving the fatigue of back pain. The mattress comprises a mattress body, wherein a waist pad is transversely placed on the mattress body; connection cloth is respectively arranged at the two ends of the waist pad; the connection cloth is stuck on the side surface of the mattress body through magnetic fasteners; the cross section of the waist pad is in an arc shape; and multiple magnetic fasteners are longitudinally arranged on the side surface of the mattress body. By adopting the mattress disclosed by the utility model, space is avoided below the waist, and the waist is in close contact with the waist pad so that the discomfort of the waist is greatly reduced.




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