Anti-reversal liquid filter



The utility model discloses an anti-reversal liquid filter which comprises a shell, wherein an upper sealing head and a lower sealing head are respectively arranged at two ends of the shell; communicating holes are formed in the upper sealing head and the lower sealing head; a water feeding pipe is connected to the lower sealing head; a filtration joint is arranged on the communicating hole in the upper sealing head; a filtration core is arranged on the filtration joint; a spraying pipe is arranged on the communicating hole in the lower sealing head; an anti-reversal ball is arranged between the spraying pipe and the water feeding pipe; a baffle is arranged at the tail end of the spraying pipe; and a plurality of spraying holes are formed in the side wall of the spraying pipe. The anti-reversal liquid filter is simple in structure, low in cost and convenient to use and can be used for filtering solid substances from liquid; by using a manner of arranging the anti-reversal ball between the water feeding pipe and the spraying pipe, when an external pump does not work or is blocked, water cannot enter the external pump; in order to prevent impurities from falling into the water feeding pipe, the additionally arranged anti-reversal ball can stop the impurities; and the water feeding pipe can be prevented from being blocked.




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