Pocket structure for refrigerators

냉장고용 포켓 구조


본 발명의 냉장고용 포켓 구조는 냉장고 도어의 내면 양측에 형성된 수직비드 사이에 설치되는 고정포켓; 상기 고정포켓의 전면에 설치되는 가변포켓; 및 상기 고정포켓과 가변포켓에 구비되며 전후방 폭을 조절하는 조절부;를 포함하여 구성됨을 특징으로 한다. 본 발명은 수납되는 식품에 따라 포켓의 전후방 폭을 조절함으로써 다양한 크기를 가지는 식품을 간편하고 안정하게 수납할 수 있어 수납의 효율성을 크게 향상시킬 수 있다.
A refrigerator pocket structure is provided to adjust the width of a door pocket according to article contained in the pocket so as to store articles having various sizes easily and stably. A refrigerator pocket structure includes a fixed pocket(110), a variable pocket(120) and an adjuster(200). The fixed pocket is arranged between vertical beads. The vertical beads are formed at both sides of the inner side of a refrigerator door. The variable pocket is attached to the front side of the fixed pocket. The adjuster is attached to the fixed pocket and the variable pocket. The adjustor adjusts the width of the pocket structure. The adjustor includes a first fixing part(210) and a second fixing part(220). The first fixing part includes at least one groove and protrusion and is formed at the fixed pocket. The second fixing part is engaged with the first fixing part and formed at the variable pocket.




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