A monitoring camera



본 발명은 감시카메라에 관한 것으로, 그 구성은, 촬영을 위한 하나 이상의 카메라로 구성되는 카메라부; 상기 카메라부를 내부에 수용할 수 있는 하우징; 그리고, 상기 하우징을 조명하는 광원부;를 포함하여 구성될 수 있다.
A monitoring camera equipped with a housing having no relation to the lens direction of a camera is provided to reduce a management cost by installing each device with cameras to one housing. A camera unit(10) is comprised of one or more cameras for a photography. A housing(20) accommodates the camera unit to inside. A light source unit(30) illuminates the housing. The housing comprises next. A frame unit(22) forms the skeleton of the housing. The case forms the external side of the housing. The case comprises a pattern unit showing the predetermined shape.




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